Marketing Campaign Design and Implementation

Design service that maximise your marketing dollars, even before launch.

From helping with design conceptualisation all the way to the final installation, our team
takes care of helping you launch marketing campaign so you can focus on strategising your next advertising.

Tailored for your audience

Attract ’em like honeybee. Win it at launch.

A successful campaign is when it makes your audience sit up. Our diverse group of artists can design to your audiences taste.

Only originals, no copycats

Right side. The safe side.

Our artists create original artworks right from scratch. Our IP protection system ensures that every artwork that we generate for you is free from copyright infringement. Be assured that your marketing campaign is launched without hiccup right from Day One.

Fast turnaround

Your timeline. Respected.

Your launch is critical. We have process in place to brief, manage, and coordinate a high-volume of design projects. Your stake is ours.

Case Study

How a 2-man Facilities Management team decorated their campus like a NDP marketing campaign

National Day Design and Installation Service for Lifelong Learning Institute

Case Study

Cheeky decals that delight

Brand campaign strategy and design service for Singapore Tourism Board

Expected investments

Your investments depends on:

  1. Scope of work
  2. How much support you need from us to help you design and manage the production
  3. Size and the number of the unique designs
  4. Whether you need other services like copywriting, animation, video etc.

Below, the approximate fees.

  • Adaptation from master document
  • Custom illustrations
  • Design and typography layout
Investments from SGD2,000 onwards
  • Create design concepts and proposals
  • Pre-launch visualisation and renderings
  • Custom illustrations
  • Design and typography layout
  • Managed print and installation
Investments from SGD10,000 onwards
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