Interactive learning wall for educators

Excite Students. Facilitate Learning.

We organise your teaching story, give it a great illustration and interactive elements to improve the outcome of your student’s learning.

Most learning walls fail to actively engage their students.

It takes more than just putting graphics and text together to create a good learning wall.

A learning wall needs 3 ingredients to be successful – attract, encourage and challenge. 

Unappealing graphics styles
Disorganised content
Lacks engagement

Friendly and vivid.

The battle is half-won when students are attracted to the learning wall.

Our team of children book artists specialise in converting your learning content into artworks that encourage self-directed learning and exploration. 

Have a whale of a time with technologies.

Our team of technologists work with established brands to integrate solutions designed to aid and encourage student’s learning.
Get reliable up-time and full technical support.
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